La Liga Match Preview: Villarreal vs. Sevilla

Updated: December 16, 2013

Match Date: 21 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio El Madrigal



With Lionel Messi sidelined, Barcelona had to work their way to defeat Villarreal. The former were ultimately able to thrash the latter, but not without sweating ridiculously hard to earn the 2-1 lead. With this, Villarreal were left to include another loss in their streak, which would count as their fourth this season. But despite the defeat, the side are still one of the most formidable clubs in La Liga. They are currently ranked within the top four, after earning 28 points from eight victories and four draws. They are safely 13 points clear of relegation.


Villarreal have many skills to flaunt, but it is in their ability to defend set pieces and create chances that they are most proficient with. At home, they are also stunningly good. Of the eight home matches they had this season, only one lost points; four were rousing victories and three were stalemates.



Sevilla’s away fixtures in the Spanish top-flight league were initially rough and chaotic. None of their first six away matches concluded in victory, although they managed to score at least one goal in the majority of those fixtures. In their last to away tourneys, however, Sevilla exemplified surprises. They thrashed both Espanyol and Granada in riveting scores of 1-3 and 1-2, respectively.


Sevilla often attempt to create through balls, which in some cases have truly benefited them. They are also noted for their dominance in a certain match’s half period, play aggressively against their adversary, and take plenty of long shots.


Football betting tip: Sevilla’s recent away runs may suggest that they are indeed improving in such a fixture arrangement, but Villarreal’s consistency at home will their best weapon to carry the day. In this match, the latter will dominate over the former with at least one goal.


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