La Liga Match Preview: Real Betis vs. Almeria

Updated: December 16, 2013
Juan Carlos Garrido

Match Date: 21 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera


Real Betis

Even with a new coach, Real Betis still failed to make their run less dull than it already is. The embarrassment is heavier on Juan Carlos Garrido, who recently emphasized that his goal on mentoring the club is focused more on a La Liga silverware than any other competition (that includes Copa del Rey and Europa League).  They were beaten by Real Sociedad in a dramatic 5-1 finish, making Garrido’s debut with the team very disappointing.


Aside from their inadequacy in defense against through ball attacks and the carelessness toward making errors, Betis are also faced with a ballooning problem in head count. The side have six men sidelined, which include Torres, Sara, Prodriguez, Perquis, and Igiebor. In addition, they have been occupying the relegation zone for six consecutive weeks now. Garrido should think outside the box and work so much harder if he wants to remain in the club and not be sacked by the larger panel.



Almeria have been performing like a yo-yo this season. They reached the top 12 for a few occasions, but they have also plunged deepin the relegation zone far more frequently. They are currently at number 19, just two points ahead of Real Betis but awfully 31 points short of the league leaders, Barcelona.


The club showed impressive runs in the tournament’s 11th through 13th weeks, slamming opponents like Valencia, Real Valladolid, and Osasuna. However, the side went back to their usual underdog profile when they fought against Real Madrid. The defeat was a massive pain, 5-0, which was probably the main reason why they lost their confidence in their subsequent matches.


Football betting tip: Both Real Betis and Almeria are among the weakest links in the current season. A spectacle is not expected to occur in this particular bout, but the possibility of it should not be fully discarded. A low-scoring draw will mark this fixture’s finish.


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