La Liga Match Preview: Levante vs. Rayo Vallecano

Updated: September 25, 2014

Match Date: 28 September 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Ciudad de Valencia

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Levante and Rayo Vallecano are both currently positioned in the bottom half of the table, and are struggling to nail surprise victories in order to stay adrift of the relegation zone. Last season, they were two of the 11 sides to experience humiliation in the bottom three.



After opening their campaign with an appalling 0-2 home loss to Villarreal, Levante never seemed to have learned from their mistakes and failed again to grab significant points from their next three meetings. In fact, they have already conceded 10 goals in just four matches but without actually scoring any. Fortunately, the very ugly streak has been broken in their fifth league fixture. Ruben Garcia’s goal in the 46th minute served as the only goal netted in their brawl versus Granada. This gave them three points to advance their hopes of pulling themselves out of the relegation zone.


Rayo Vallecano

Like Levante, Rayo obtained their very first La Liga victory of the season from their most recent battle (versus Athletic Bilbao 2-1). This was at the back of a pair of draws and defeats which mainly characterized their campaign for the first four weeks of the tournament. Los Franjirrojos, however, have a much more acceptable goal difference from their hosts as they are only handicapped by a two-goal deficit. A good execution in the front rwo plus a strong support from the back will allow Rayo to recover in their next few battles—provided that they truly deliver.


Sports betting tip: Rayo Vallecano will take the lead over Levante.