La Liga Match Preview: Celta Vigo vs. Osasuna

Updated: December 19, 2013
Celta Vigo

Match Date: 22 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Balaidos


Celta Vigo

Only six points were obtained by Celta from their last six La Liga matches, after winning in two fixtures and succumbing in the rest. They now have a total score of 15 points—enough to keep them clear of relegation but too meager to allow them to barge at least into the top 10.

Celta’s home matches have generally been very disappointing. If not for the win they had over Almeria, they could have maintained a win-less home streak. The five fixtures prior to their Almeria encounter were particularly dismaying, capped mostly by defeats but characterized by one single result: zero goals. The side’s attack is underperforming, indicative of pitch malnutrition that might plague them for several weeks more if they still fail to make major improvements in their playing style and more importantly, in their form.



Osasuna’s recent outings were relatively more acceptable than what they displayed early in the season. Defeats seem to be a staple in their streak, but at least they already earned two away victories in their past five fixtures. Together with the points they scored at home, Osasuna now vaunt 14 points under their belt. The sum is still small compared to that of the other clubs, but it is already enough to help them loom above the relegation zone—their prison cell for more than half of their 16-week La Liga campaign.


Football betting tip: Celta Vigo and Osasuna are two of the league’s less aggressive clubs, but are still capable of displaying spectacles when the situation pushes them to do so. In this fixture, a very tight-scoring clash should be expected. Either of the sides may win, but a deadlock is the most probable outcome.


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