La Liga Match Preview: Barcelona vs. Elche

Updated: August 18, 2014
Barcelona 2014

Match Date: 25 August 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Camp Nou

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In this meeting, Barcelona have all the advantages against Elche. The sides were 14 spots apart last season, with Barca echoing their overwhelming domination. They also got the better attacking team, the stronger defense, and to a less relevant extent, the larger fan base.



Barca failed to defend their title last season, but still emerged as the side with the best goal difference. They were runners up to Atletico Madrid, who were ahead of them only by three points. Out of 38 fixtures, the club won 27 times, forced a draw six times, and were defeated five times. They were one of the only two teams (the other being perennial rivals Real Madrid) to score at least 100 goals throughout the tournament, making them—as always—one of the most prolific sides in the whole of Europe, and perhaps the world.


Leo Messi, despite being sidelined for a sizable amount of time due to injury, emerged as the season’s second best scorer, with 28 goals—just behind Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo who netted 31 goals. Two more Barca players, Alexis Sanchez and Pedro, made it to the top 10 of the best outfield players of the tournament. The side’s pitch acumen was further extended to their pre-season friendlies. They earned seven points (and eight goals) from their last four matches alone.



Needless to say, Los Franjiverdes were among the least impressive sides last season Primera Division. They finished their campaign with just one point away from the relegation zone. They ranked 16th overall, ahead of Almeria only by goal difference. If they did not have worse rivals, they could have been eliminated from the top-flight tournament. They succumbed to their opponents 16 times, were held 13 times, and only won nine times. They netted 30 goals overall, but conceded 50. In other words, they had a horrible season.


Fran Escriba’s men performed quite better this summer during their friendlies leading up to the new La Liga season. They were never beaten in all of their eight most recent tourneys, although they did not necessarily win them all. From this set, they were rendered winners five times and held their foes in a draw three times.


Online betting tip: Barcelona could easily obtain a clean sheet against Elche.