La Liga Match Preview: Almeria vs. Malaga

Updated: February 18, 2014

Match Date: 22 February 2014 (local)

Match Date: Estadio Mediterraneo



After being festooned with silverware in their clash against Atletico Madrid 2-0, Almeria have rendered their success short-lived as they conceded a goal and all three points to Levante during their most recent fixture. The goal by David Barral was all the hosts needed to see off their visitors, though they should have been able to deliver more if Barral was able to convert the many chances that fell into his feet. While Francisco Rodríguez’s men lost their game, at least goalkeeper Esteban was able to put their opponents’ scoring to a minimum.


Almeria are now off the relegation zone, though their placement in the 15th spot still does not guarantee them of safety. Regardless, they are improving quite impressively, particularly in attacking set pieces and in taking long shots.



Haunted by a possible slide into the bottom zone, Malaga have to be more aggressive in their coming battles. They have recently booked a second straight week of defeat (from Real Sociedad) in La Liga, which means that they have also been suffering with points deficit under the same amount of time—not to mention the downfalls they incurred from their earlier fixtures. They are in the borderline to the relegation zone, made relatively safe only by three points. While they may be good at attacking down the wings, Los Boquerones suffer from a frail defense and mediocre abilities at finishing scoring chances.


Online betting tip: Almeria are one point or two places ahead of Malaga, but they have conceded more goals than their visitors did. In this tourney, expect the scores to be equal.


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