Isco And Pellegrini’s Absence May Cause Severe Beating To Malaga

Updated: July 30, 2013


Valencia vs Malaga


Valencia may have lost in two (2) of its friendlies, but still, it remains as online betting favorites over Malaga when they hold their first match this season.


To say that pre-season friendlies have no bearing over the actual game, is a cliché. Indeed, it is a cliché, but neither was it an excuse. When a club fails to clinch a victory in friendlies, just like what happened to Valencia, it does not immediately mean that they can be easily ousted on the pitch.


Valencia finished on the 5th spot last season. They are eight (8) points ahead of Los Boquerones and are qualified to participate in the Europa League. Statistically speaking, the odds are in their favor. However, there is more to what the numbers can see. What is often disregarded is the fact that Los Che is in a much better shape than its upcoming opponent.


Malaga currently occupies the 6th rank on La Liga’s rankings. After being banned for a season, the club can now play in the Europa League. Unfortunately, this is without the presence of Manuel Pellegrini.


Pellegrini had his share of success and difficulties. But his entry in Malaga was definitely, one of his career highlights. It is through him that Malaga became one of La Liga’s top teams. He built a legacy in the club that could have continued if only he chose to stay or better yet, if financial issues did not permeate the squad. This is not to say that Malaga’s current boss, Bernd Schuster is incapable of carrying the team. However, it cannot be denied that Pellegrini’s leadership is one thing that Los Boquerones will surely miss.


Adding more damage is Isco’s alleged exit. Should it be confirmed, this will be a total blow to Malaga’s scoring moves.


Ironically, many downplay the absence of these two (2) equally important entities. Yet, in hindsight, these two can be the club’s waterloo.


Clearly, at this point, winning against Malaga is far from being a major concern for Valencia.


Image source: Zimbio