Preview: Schalke 04 to riot against Hamburger SV for Bundesliga championship

Updated: July 19, 2013

This August 10 will see Schalke and Hamburger go head-to-head again to reign supreme over the Bundesliga trophy. The last match frame between these teams drove The Royal Blues in the winner’s zone, overthrowing The Red Shorts in wide margin 4-1. In the upcoming match, will the victor be able to detonate the same pitch explosives and retain its glory, or will the underdog avenge itself and blow the tournament in remarkable directions? Statistics have something to say about that.


The five previous tournaments that both teams engaged in indicate a fierce rivalry. While Schalke owned three out of those five matches (4-1, 3-1, 2-1), Hamburger exuded equally prolific drills in its two wins (3-1, 1-0). Their most recent derby was in favor of Schalke, which enabled it to protect its 4th place standing in the Bundesliga table. Hamburger still managed to secure a spot in the Top 10, though.


Schalke’s road to Bundesliga offered a not-so-smooth trip, but still a decent one. Its 1-0 defeat to another European rival, Eintracht, left manager Jens Keller heart-broken but was immediately pacified by the return of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar from injury. Succeeding matches were attractively successful, except for one modest bow to Stuttgart.


Hamburger, meanwhile, hurled almost every possible type of result its most recent matches. It got wounded from a painful match with Bayer 0-1, but managed to resurrect its vigor when it won over Hoffenheim in an earlier tourney 4-1. A draw match was recorded when it faced Wolfsburg 1-1.


Sugary promotions aside, Schalke seems to make for a better army than Hamburger. That said, the upcoming tournament will largely show off successful goals in favor of the first-mentioned side.





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