From Relegation To Epic Survival: EPL’s Cinderella Club, Crystal Palace

Updated: May 19, 2014

Crystal Palace’s survival saga exemplifies man’s burning passion to excel and overcome all the trials and challenges that he will encounter along the way. Prior to the Christmas season, the Eagles’ wings were broken. Unable to fly and almost destroyed by the hostilities of the top-flight league, the club was forced to accept its early exit and live up to the expectations of being a yo-yo squad.


However, a (disillusioned) Crystal Palace was immediately brought back to its senses when Tony Pulis entered the picture. The club, which was severely battered at the rock bottom pit of the Premier League, survived and even carved a name for itself within the pages of footballing history.


Crystal Palace’s journey to survival was never easy. This feat is really never a piece of cake for a group trying to keep its Premier League status. However, what happened to the Eagles was a special one. For the longest time, the biggest achievement that a relegation prone accomplished, was to land in the 17th spot.


Palace did more than that. They finished the season in style via securing the 11th spot, trailing the 10th placer Newcastle United by four (4) points. Steve Parish’s gamble on Tony Pulis paid off. Relatively, Pulis’ gamble with the tactical changes and transfer signings also paid off.


Under Pulis’ management, Crystal Palace was able to form a more solid squad—one that can pull off a massive attack, but is nonetheless, strong in terms of its defence. Pulis was also able to make his players fully understand the role given unto them. Yet, it was not all about Pulis. Crystal Palace’s success is also about the players, who have regained their self-confidence amidst an intimidating environment.


And true enough, Crystal Palace did the unbelievable. During the final stretch of the season, the Eagles snatched crucial victories. It shocked the title contender, Chelsea with a 1-0 win, thrashed Cardiff and Aston Villa and surprised Everton. Yet, if there is anything that will readily exemplify the Eagles’ return, it was the even steven finished that destroyed Liverpool’s dream of clinching the Premier League title. It was the victory, which almost made Luis Suarez cry an ocean of tears. And for the finale, Crystal Palace bid the season goodbye as they drew with the already relegated Fulham.


What happened to Crystal Palace is akin to a fairy tale. Yet, in as far as Tony Pulis and the rest of the members are concerned, they are no longer contented with fairy tales—for that illusion of grandeur and power. The Eagles have already recovered and next season, they are keen on redefining history again.