Premier League Weekly Review (Week 1): Last Season’s Title Contenders Soared High, Except Manchester United

Updated: August 20, 2014
Manchester United-Rooney


The Premier League kicked-off with a major blast last week.  The occasion witnessed the rise of future stars and potential scene-stealers that will drive the crowd wild and crazy. But while some teams and players have managed to impress, others went home with their heads bowed down.



The Special One, Jose Mourinho, was overflowing with joy and satisfaction when his beloved club, Chelsea made an impressive start in the season. Mourinho is certainly reaping the rewards of performing well in the transfer market when former Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Costa inspired Chelsea’s scoring antics. Costa delivered and so is Andre Schurrle. But the Blues were not done yet. Three (3) minutes after Schurrle scored, Branislav Ivanovic snatched another goal, thus, extending Chelsea’s lead to 3.  Mourinho and the rest of his men went home with 3 points to boot.


Other title contenders such as Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool also delivered.

Rising to the occasion, City’s Sergio Arguero and David Silva helped the club trample Newcastle United.


As for Arsenal, it was Aaron Ramsey’s last minute grasp that earned praises from its head honcho, Arsene Wenger.


Lastly, the Brendan Rodgers revolution continues at Anfield. Despite the exit of talismanic striker, Luis Suarez, a resilient Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge sealed the 3 points for the club.


The blunders

Seeing a strong squad such as Everton settle for a draw was quite disappointing. Considering the fact that the club is comprised of Roberto Martinez and the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Brian Oviedo, it definitely frustrates to see them contented with a stalemate against the newly-promoted Leicester City.


But if many think that the Everton draw is frustrating, just imagine how the crowd reacted when the promising Manchester United fell down to Swansea’s hands. Many expected the genius Louis Van Gaal to turn the tide into their favor, but the stars supported Swansea’s side.


What to expect

It is still too early to say that Manchester United will not make it to the top. After all, the season just started. Although sports betting odds may no longer favor the Red Devils, this does not necessarily mean that the club’s performance shall not improve.


Image Source: Irish Mirror