Premier League Preview: Upsetting Manchester City is a no-no for Cardiff City

Updated: August 22, 2013
Manchester City

After more than five decades since their last meeting (1962), Cardiff City (The Bluebirds) and Manchester City (The Citizens) are up again for a new duel for the Premier League title this season. The Citizens will play as the away side, with the match finding its refuge at The Bluebirds’ home ground, Cardiff City Stadium. The brawl will kick off at 23:00 on August 25.


Dozens of years have passed and both sides have already developed their respective styles, evolutions, and changes in both form and overall tactics. While Cardiff City performed decently well in the second-tier English football, Manchester City are the ones that really showed magnificent fixtures to become EPL giants. Now that they are meeting up on the same tournament, the teams will excite supporters and online bookies alike on the kind of clash are they going to create in the pitch; although the result is making room for certain predictability. The very long interval they have not faced each other off is one of the reasons this match is highly anticipated.


Current standings place The Citizens at the second spot, while the newly promoted opponents are ranked near the bottom—probably due to adjustment issues because this will be their first time to play at the English top-level football. The season has just opened, and the rankings may not necessarily matter as of the moment (but will remain important indicators). Manchester City held their season debut with a soaring win over Newcastle United 4-0, despite losing their last two battles in the pre-season friendlies. Cardiff City, meanwhile, opened their Premier League campaign with a loss from West Ham United 0-2, in spite of making relatively good fixtures in the Club Friendlies.


It is considered ‘bravery’ for The Blues to engage in a brawl with their highly regarded opponents. They’ve been through a lot in the past years, switching from one league to another and producing inconsistent performances that added to their portfolio’s drama. However, despite the commendable challengers that they are, The Citizens will still win this match and pound them hard in their very own home stadium.


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