Premier League Preview: Can Swansea ascend with a win over Tottenham?

Updated: August 22, 2013

Home Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) will see their visitors, Swansea (The Swans), make good impression at the White Hart Lane stadium this August 25. But the Spurs are a strong ensemble of talented players, and wreaking havoc in the pitch (whether theirs or not) is their usual match display. The Swans must stockpile contingency plans for this second appearance in the Premier League new season in order for them to acquire favoritism from sports betting sites and avoid repeat of the setback they obtained from Manchester United 1-4 in the tournament’s opening.


Home advantage, away opportunity

Spurs have a good record for home matches, with three (all in the Premier League) out of their five most recent matches resulted in triumph (against Sunderland 1-0, Southampton 1-0, and Manchester City 3-1). One defeat was incurred from a friendly match with Sunderland 1-3, while a draw was obtained in an exhibition tourney with Espanyol 1-1.


The Swans play impressively when they serve as the away side, winning four of their five most recent matches sequentially. The last of these matches was not even a defeat, but a draw with Malmo 0-0 at the Europa League.


The likely match outcome

Putting their top-tier English football performances under scrutiny, Tottenham exude utter superiority over their opponents. Last season, Spurs landed in the fifth spot overall, while Swansea managed a place in the mid-table (9th). Both sides individually played in 38 matches, with Tottenham winning 21 and Swansea, 11. EPL linchpin Gareth Bale, last season’s third best scorer, is also under the Spurs’ wing. The Swans, however, have goal-savvy Michu onboard.


Ever since 1983, Swansea have never won over Tottenham, regardless if it is a home match or an away tourney. They’ve drawn on one occasion in that time span, but that kind of result happens only once in a blue moon. Bottom-line, this match will remain on Tottenham’s favor, dominating the battle with a plausible final tally of 3-1.


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