Premier League Preview: Manchester United en route to tackle Crystal Palace

Updated: September 2, 2013
Manch United

An interesting tourney is set to happen on September 14, with the reigning champions, Manchester United, making a fourth Premier League installment with a fight against last season’s Championship online betting favorites, Crystal Palace.


Drama has cloaked Manchester United this summer, accentuated by team manager Alex Ferguson’s farewell to the club. While new coach David Moyes is certainly an experienced pundit, he may not be able to replicate his predecessor’s accomplishments—including the overall victory last season.  In fact, the side’s recent League performances under his leadership have quite been a mixture of “wows and oops.” They opened their campaign with a lavish win over Swansea 4-1, followed it up with an awkward draw with Chelsea 0-0, and sealed their third stint with a disappointing loss from Liverpool 0-1. Nevertheless, the side remain to be a strong pack and reaching the summit of the table by the end of the season is not a distant probability.


Returning side Crystal Palace bagged their first win of the season after late goals from Dwight Gayle and Stuart O’Keefe secured a 3-1 victory at home to Sunderland in the evening game. While Danny Gabbidon’s early goal gave Palace the initial lead, a 64th-minute header from Sunderland’s Steven Fletcher evened the scores out. Gayle was quick to reclaim his side’s lead with a penalty kick and substitute O’Keefe added a decent third in injury time. This win, however, cannot really compensate for the side’s perilous bouts earlier in the tournament. They debuted in the season with a defeat from Tottenham 0-1 and doubled their agony with another loss from Stoke City 1-2 in their second League appearance. In addition, the squad recorded a downfall from Bristol 1-2 in the League Cup.


While Crystal Palace have proven that there can always be a silver lining after back-to-back defeats, they are not yet well-equipped to subdue the defending champions. Manchester United persist on serving as a huge blockage to destroy despite their awkward drills in their most recent matches, but they will win this match no matter what.


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