Premier League Preview: Manchester City to thump Stoke City’s defense

Updated: September 2, 2013
Manch City

Currently placed within the top five of the rankings, Manchester City and Stoke City will have to prove which one of them have the better say to call dibs on another win. They are set to pull off a combat on September 14 in a bid to add positive scores to their Premier League campaign. The match will be held at the Britannia Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, with a 22:00 kick-off time.


Manchester City’s ship is sailing smoothly amid the turbulent ocean of the English top-tier football. The side opened the season with an imposing triumph over Newcastle United 4-0, and although they followed it up with a defeat from Cardiff City 3-2, Manuel Pellegrini’s men were otherwise steadfast to fill the margin via a victorious encounter with Hull City 2-0. City were sweating from the scorching heat at the Etihad Stadium and endured a few panicky moments before former Sevilla striker, Alvaro Negredo, made the breakthrough 20 minutes into the second half. A decent last-minute free-kick from Yaya Toure guaranteed his team’s victory.


While it was achy for them to start their campaign with a defeat from Liverpool 0-1, Stoke City were resilient enough to make their subsequent matches spectacular. Their second stint gave them a winning moment from slamming Crystal Palace 2-1 and rejoiced on another victory over West Ham United 1-0 for their third tournament appearance. New coach Mark Hughes is taking his side on a different direction. While they are more popularly known as heavy metal football superstars, Stoke City are now journeying into the free-form jazz threshold. Not bad for a reinvention and certainly a good magnet for online bookies.


Manchester City and Stoke City are showing tremendous potential to dominate the entire season, with this upcoming match seen to be a powerful crowd pleaser. With beguiling drills expected from both sides, it is no wonder the match will end up in a draw. However, if Manchester City hold on to their creativity in the pitch and counter their opponents’ fluid routines, then they may end up winning the competition.


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