Premier League Preview: Chelsea eyeing another lead over Aston Villa

Updated: August 20, 2013

Chelsea opened their campaign for the Premier League with a comfortable 2-0 win over Hull City, which made Coach Jose Mourinho very pleased for his debut as a returnee in the club. For their second stint in the tournament, The Blues will be meeting up with Aston Villa, a club similarly successful in opening their campaign (against Arsenal 3-1) for the new season. The match will take place on August 22 at the Stamford Bridge stadium, Chelsea’s home ground.


Last term, Chelsea rose to the third highest placement in the League table while Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa landed only in the 15th spot. But this season, The Villa seem to be detonating unknown explosives that they are ascending in the charts quite impressively. As per season opening, the side are already ahead (third) of Chelsea, albeit only by one spot. This, however, is not yet a concrete basis for football betting and to determine which side will dominate by the end of the season. The squads’ upcoming match will partly decide which of them are the in the better position to talk big about a well-deserved silverware.


The Villa should not be overwhelmed by their away win over Arsenal in Liverpool, and the thought of going for another [sure] away victory in their subsequent matches is a little immature. The Blues have been able to win seven of their last 10 home matches, with all of them scoring at least two goals. Of the last three matches they had against Aston Villa, Chelsea emerged as the champions with goal differences almost always wide. Hence, for this match, Chelsea are on their way to make another victory.


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