Premier League Match Previews: Match Week 37 (Part 5)

Updated: April 28, 2014

Chelsea vs. Norwich City

Match Date:  04May 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea are chasing the championship in an unpredictable—but generally astonishing—fashion. Their last three matches offered mixed emotions for their supporters, but their recent clean sheet victory over table leaders Liverpool proved a major boost to their confidence and an accomplishment worth celebrating. The title dream is still very plausible and Jose Mourinho is trying all he could to achieve the feat. The coach does feel the pressure but he also manages to keep his calm and concentrate on the tactics that would best drive his men to their best.


Norwich City were the very first side to taste defeat under the hands of interim Manchester United player-coach Ryan Giggs. The downfall was massive, with The Canaries conceding four goals and not scoring even just one. Keeper John Ruddy failed to prevent Rooney and Mata net their respective braces. The loss thus, means that Norwich are still marooned in the drop zone.


Online betting tip: Chelsea will keep their title hopes intact by winning over Norwich City.



Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool

Match Date:  05 May 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Selhurst Park


If Tony Pulis’ goal is only to secure Crystal Palace another slot in the league’s next season, then he has already succeeded with it. Even if the former relegation candidates fail to earn all points in their last remaining battles, their accumulated score is big enough to help them hold on to their top-flight aspirations. Palace’s last two matches rendered them the underdogs, but other top-tier qualifiers must be more cautious of this side next season as they are seen to be potential dark horses.


Liverpool earned their sixth defeat this season after engaging in a thrilling battle against second placers Chelsea. The defeat has narrowed The Reds’ distance from their nearest competitors which means that their last remaining fixtures are tremendously crucial. Not only are Liverpool being threatened of being knocked out of the lead by Chelsea but they are also being pressured by third placers Manchester City’s recent successes. Regardless, they still have a two-point advantage and that would serve as a very big help to defend their leadership.


Football betting tip: Liverpool will obtain all the spoils.