Premier League Match Previews: Match Week 35 (Part 3)

Updated: April 16, 2014
Crystal Palace

West Ham United vs. Crystal Palace

Match Date: 19 April 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Upton Park

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West Ham United and Crystal Palace are both in the mid-table and are among the league’s darkest horses. Inconsistency remains a major constraint for both squads but they are fast recovering from all of their shortcomings. The sides, particularly The Eagles, have displayed some of the most respectable maneuvers in the latter parts of the season amid the possibilities of an exit in the English top-tier league.


West Ham enjoy a great reserve of talents which successfully translates in their knack for nailing aerial duels. However, they still need serious rehabilitation of their defense as they remain poor at protecting set pieces. Crystal Palace, meanwhile, are very clinical in terms of managing the ball. They are good at creating chances, and fight hard in the air. Possession is the only thing they need to work on, at least for now.


Sports betting tip: West Ham and Crystal Palace will produce an inspiring thriller which would eventually result in a draw.



Chelsea vs. Sunderland

Match Date: 19 April 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stamford Bridge


The championship favorites and the relegation candidates will embark on a rather predictable battle. Chelsea would welcome their visitors, Sunderland, to the Stamford Bridge for a potential murder. The sides are so much distant from one another, whether in goal difference or the much more obvious league rankings. The Blues might have fallen off their own cliff a few times recently (including their early exit in the Champions League) but they will remain among the best clubs to rule the top-flight football over. Sunderland, by contrast, have so far stayed in the drop zone for the majority of their run this season. They only won six times and were beaten by their opponents 19 times.


Online betting tip: Chelsea will seize a clean sheet.