Premier League Match Preview: Swansea vs. Crystal Palace

Updated: February 24, 2014

Match Date: 02 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue:  Liberty Stadium



Liverpool closed their gap with third-placers Manchester City to just one point at the expense of Swansea City. The sides gave an explosive brawl on weekend at Anfield that amassed enough vigor to make it as one of the best showings this year in the Premier League. Liverpool had Sturridge and Henderson open the scoring before Shelvey and Bony canceled both goals. Sturridge gained back the lead for his team by delivering his second in the 36th minute, but was again cancelled out by The Jacks through Bony’s powerful second goal two minutes after the break. In what was seen to be a deadlock display, Henderson was again able to score and secured the winner for Liverpool in the 74th minute.


Swansea City are currently placed in in the top dozen with 28 points and 36 goals under their belt. They have to win their next battles and must net more goals in order to cancel out their negative goal difference.


Crystal Palace

Palace have been going back and forth in the relegation zone, making their odds to end up going back to the second-tier league higher than they should not be. While their form has generally been a substantial improvement from what it had been in the tournament’s earlier rounds, it still cannot make up for the lost points they incurred from their entire Premier League campaign. Their goal difference is still a sore to the eye and their inconsistency may be at par with the other weaker teams.


The Eagles are no doubt resilient fighters, able to win back the silverware every time they fail to put a good grip of it. Thus far, they have won eight times this season, of which three were obtained from this year. They are only two points clear of the drop zone.


Online betting tip: While they may be four places apart in the rankings, Swansea and Crystal Palace are only two points shy of becoming level. Their battle could be an interesting one, but it will probably let them share the points.


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