Premier League Match Preview: Newcastle United vs. Southampton

Updated: December 11, 2013
Newcastle United

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: St James’ Park


Newcastle United

If not for the goal-less defeat they incurred from Swansea on Wednesday last week, Newcastle United would have enjoyed a seven-week victorious run in the Premier League. But the loss happened, so one victory has to be subtracted from that streak. Their latest match was a triumph, anyway, and the three points obtained from it kept the club within the table’s top half.


The Magpies are reputed for the flexibility and diversity of their style. Their win over Manchester United was just one instance in which the team showed enough quality to dominate possession against any adversary, veteran or newly promoted. Coach Alan Pardew have also utilized different formations in his club’s matches. At one point, he used 4-4-2, and on another, he employed a five-man midfield. The side are just basically exploring things to help them come up with the best track in which to foray.



It would have been a complete disaster for Southampton if Pablo Osvaldo was not able to equalize Manchester City’s opener in their match last weekend. The side have been dry of a win for the past few weeks (three defeats, one draw), and their position in the league table is gradually dwindling. Their recent performances were contradictory of what they displayed in weeks 5 to 11, when 17 points were earned from those tourneys.


Southampton are still adept at attacking set pieces and defending the lead, but they may have to focus rather strongly on some areas where they perform badly, such in defending counter attacks, aerial duels, and in avoiding offside.


Online betting tip: At home, Newcastle United show big signs of life. Southampton meanwhile, are very inconsistent outside their territory. The teams’ past five matches together also indicate the hosts to be the stronger side. Hence, for this match, a victorious Newcastle United should emerge.


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