Premier League Match Preview: Manchester United vs. Swansea City

Updated: August 12, 2014
Manchester United 2014

Match Date: 16 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Old Trafford

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The first match of the season will be battled out between former champions who had a mediocre campaign last season and a side who have remained consistent with their inconsistency. Manchester United and Swansea City will vie for the spoils in Premier League’s opening week.


Manchester United

Last season was among The Red Devils’ worst, ever. The side may have still ranked within the top half by the tournament’s conclusion but it was one of the rare times that they did not receive any of the UEFA berths. They finished in seventh place, their most unimpressive top-flight accomplishment since 1990. With newly appointed manager David Moyes at the helm, Manchester United only earned 19 wins, seven draws, and suffered 12 defeats.


The ousting of Moyes required the club’s executives to think twice and be more careful of their subsequent selection. Dutch coach Louis van Gaal was then offered the post, referencing his squad’s excellent performance in the World Cup. Thus far and based on the pre-season friendlies, the gamble is paying off. The side have been winners in their last five matches under Van Gaal. In the recent Guinness International Champions Cup, they successfully seized the silverware.


Swansea City

It was a roller coaster ride for Swansea last season. Inconsistency was their worst enemy and landing in the mid-table can easily vouch for that claim. The side won in 11 games but were beaten 18 times. They also had to share the spoils with other clubs in nine meetings. They scored a total of 54 goals, but also conceded that same number for a goal difference of zero.


As per pre-season friendlies, The Jacks seem to have not yet learned from their mistakes in the past season. Inconsistency remains to be their biggest challenge as they only won thrice in their past seven matches (the other results being three defeats and one draw).


Football betting tip: Manchester United, under a new and much better coach, should expect a magnificent kick-off for their campaign.