Premier League Match Preview: Liverpool vs. Everton

Updated: September 24, 2014
Liverpool week 5

Match Date: 27 September 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Anfield

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Liverpool and Everton’s meetings from last season have produced a total of 10 goals from just two legs. Their first face-off rendered them even with three goals apiece but in their second brawl, Liverpool trounced their guests in a four-goal clean sheet.



For the past five weeks of the Premier League, Liverpool have so far under-delivered as compared to their performance from last season. They currently rank in the bottom half of the league table, and the blame must be put on their frustrating displays against Manchester City, Aston Villa, and most recently, West Ham United. From their fixture in the latter, three goals have been conceded and only one was bagged (by Raheem Sterling). A growing concern in their defense can take a toll on their already unimpressive form and letting it grow even more can lead to undesirable results by the end of the tournament. In other competitions, however, The Reds remain a pitch juggernaut. They winners against Ludogorets in the UEFA Champions League and against Middlesbrough in the League Cup.



Everton’s top-flight performances have been marked by an apparent symptom of inconsistency. Thus far, they have only bagged five points from the past few weeks courtesy of draws with Leicester City and Arsenal as well as a victory against West Brom. To be fair, however, the squad deserve some credits for the hard work they made in their outings. When they lost to Chelsea, they ensured that the fight will be very entertaining and ended it with a 3-6 result. When they succumbed to Crystal Palace, they were able to deny their opponents of earning a clean sheet victory.


Football betting tip: Liverpool and Everton will each drop two points.