Premier League Match Preview: Hull City vs. Stoke City

Updated: August 19, 2014
Hull City 2014

Match Date: 24 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Kingston Communications (KC) Stadium

(Featured image: Hull | Source: BBC)


On one hand, Hull City earn all the spoils. On the other hand, Stoke City concede all the points to their rivals. From this picture alone, this battle can be quite predictable. But in football, things can always go the unexpected way.


Hull City

The Tigers debuted in the new EPL season with flying colors. Winning a clean sheet against newly promoted Queens Park Rangers with a lone goal from James Chester, Hull obtained all three points from their opening fixture and soared into the league’s top seven. While it is still very early to make judgments, it does seem pretty clear that the side made some improvements as compared to their last matches in the previous EPL season. Defense-wise, Steve Bruce’s lads were very strong. On the attack, they had precisely measured moves, although it was not necessarily and absolute strength.


Stoke City

Stoke’s kick-off in the league was marred by a weak defensive ensemble and a moderately rusty goalkeeping. Losing all the spoils to Aston Villa should have been the side’s last option in finishing their curtain raiser. However, they were outwitted by their opponents and they had to deal with the embarrassment inherent to this early defeat. While they were able to hold their rivals in a deadlock during the first half, they failed to do the same in the second period. Andreas Weimann scored in the 50th minute and none of Mark Hughes’s men did well enough to deliver [at least] an equalizer.


Online betting tip: Hull City will thrash Stoke, and should therefore remain in the top half.