News Bits: Upsets And Heroes Arise

Updated: August 7, 2013


Riviere Completes A Hat-trick For Monaco; Monaco 4-1 Montpellier


Those who bet online for AS Monaco are surely delighted. The club clinched its second victory in their match against Montpellier last 18 August 2013.


Radamel Falcao (El Tigre), prompted the scoring rampage when he converted a penalty. Yet, Monaco’s scoring barrage was far from over. Emannuel Riviere added to the damage when he netted his first hat-trick. Montpellier tried to get even though. But Víctor Hugo Montaño’s equalizer after Falcao’s penalty was the only goal that came from the club.

Photo Credit: Goolfm


Isco Saves Real Madrid; Real Madrid 2-1 Real Betis


Newly signed Isco, prevented an impending stalemate when he scored a header and earned a victory for Real Madrid.


Real Betis’ Jeorge Molina started the Verdiblancos’ rally when he scored on the 14th. But 12 minutes later, Karim Benzema served the match’s equalizer—thanks to Isco’s perfectly timed assist.


The second half of the match saw both clubs pumped up their defence, Christiano Ronaldo had several attempts, but to no avail as Stephan Andersen denied him.


Unfortunately for Real Betis, the deadlock did not last. On the 85th, Marcelo’s cross, found the ball into Isco’s path, which he successfully converted.

Photo Credit: Gonzalo Arroyo


Aston Villa Thrashes The Gunners’ Aston Villa; Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa

Aston Villa let Arsenal have its taste of upset when they thrashed the Gunners with a 3-1 victory in their own territory last 17 August 2013. But the triumph did not end without a controversy when Arsenal was forced to play undermanned after a call during the 61st.


Olivier Giroud set up the mood for the Gunners when he secured the match’s first goal on the 6th. But this did not last for too long when Christian Benteke answered with an equalizer.


Things got rougher on the pitch as the match went by. On the 61st, Laura Koscielny got a yellow card after a tackle, which, eventually resulted to a penalty. Once again, Benteke converted. Unfortunately for the Gunners, 6 minutes after his first call, Koscielny nasty foul earned him a red card and forced him to have an early shower.

Arsenal+v+Aston+Villa+Premier+League+ObKOXbP-chalWith only 10 men playing, Aston Villa took advantage of the situation. A fast break saw Antonio Luna scoring the Villain’s third goal and sealed the Gunner’s fate.


Photo Credit: Clive Mason/Zimbio