Match Previews: Premier League (November 2)

Updated: October 29, 2013

Fulham vs. Manchester United

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Craven Cottage



Matthew Briggs is almost fit to launch a comeback, but he may have to rest a few more days before he could finally make an appearance in the pitch. Fulham would not be that frail without him, but will certainly need to step up their game with a high-profile adversary coming their way. The Cottagers have so far shown moderately remarkable run this season, capped by the win they achieved in the curtain raiser and the back-to-back victories they obtained a few weeks ago. However, the side have more defeats to be embarrassed with, which is the reason why they have not been very successful at overtaking their rivals and rank at least in the crop’s top dozen.


Manchester United

An eighth-place position as of latest match week is not necessarily bad for a Premier League contender, but surely is for players who have been honored with the championship by already several times. Manchester United continue to struggle to defend their title, with David Moyes’ mentorship failing to parallel the legacy of Fergie and the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool making tremendous improvements in their performances. However, The Red Devils are still a major competition that other teams should be wary of. In fact, they have been unbeaten in their last three league combats.


Online betting tip: While they may have been less spectacular compared to last year, Manchester United are still in shape to thrash the majority of their opponents. In this round, for example, the side could exude reliable weaponry that could make Fulham walk off their own pitch with their tails between their legs.


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Newcastle United vs. Chelsea

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: St James’ Park


Newcastle United

A recent defeat deprived Newcastle United of three points for their streak. Their match with lowly Sunderland came off as a surprise when The Magpies were stolen of a winning goal by their opponents. This marks the squad’s fourth downfall this season, and the ill defense they displayed in the match caused a swelling in the total number of goals conceded (16). Current rankings place the side at number 11, still a few spots away from the bottom but also several places away from the top.



Defeated only once this season, Chelsea remain to be one of the tournament’s favorites to win. The current second placers are just a hairline short of the league leaders’ achievement, with only two points separating them. Unbeaten in their last five battles, Chelsea have a massive shot at making a successful finish in the competition. José Mourinho is taking care of his squad quite impressively, while key players Oscar and Hazard continue making impressions.


Football betting tip: This tourney apparently suggests that the visitors have the upper hand over the hosts. Chelsea’s effective attack and reliable defense make them a formidable adversary for Newcastle United. Chelsea will pick three points from this battle, which would likely ensue as a result of a clean sheet.





Hull City vs. Sunderland

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: The Kingston Communications Stadium


Hull City

Hull City have never been very lucky the past few weeks. The side lost their knack for an impressive attack when they faced Aston Villa, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur, which consequently caused them to deliver poor showings. While they may have drawn with Villa in a goal-less match, they were slammed by the two other opponents. Current rankings still place them within the top 10, but will likely fall out of the upper half if they keep on projecting dull displays.



The relegation candidates breathed life into their streak when they bagged a surprise win over Newcastle United a few days ago. Fletcher opened the scoring for Sunderland, but was later canceled out by Debuchy’s  equalizer in the 57th minute. A draw was initially expected to be the tourney’s final result, but Borini—via Altodore’s assist—successfully converted an opportunity in the 84th minute and sealed the battle in favor of The Black Cats. However, that was just one win and the team still need a large amount of points to help them secure a much safer spot in the league table.


Online betting tip: An inspired Sunderland are expected to show much better stunts when they visit KC Stadium for a bout with Hull City. However, their dilemma on consistency might drive them back to where they usually fall. Hull City, nevertheless, are also equally besieged with some challenges. With none of the teams manifesting really strong advantage, a deadlock could possibly crown this combat.


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Manchester City vs. Norwich City

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Etihad Stadium


Manchester City

Six points short of the current table leaders’ overall score, Manchester City will find it very difficult to attain their third league title with six other clubs blocking their way. Presently standing at the seventh spot, The Citizens have shown spectacles that pale when compared to their displays in the last two seasons. Like their arch-rivals Manchester United, the side are being beset by a slight inconsistency problem which hinders them from going for the gold. In their most recent match, for example, Manchester City lost sight of a very plausible Chelsea victory. The opponents opened the scoring via Schurrle, but was later equalized by Aguero’s 49th minute goal. A late but very wise rally by Torres ultimately resulted in Chelsea winning the bout. Behind this defeat, however, are back-to-back victories The Citizens obtained from Everton and West Ham United.


Norwich City

Their last three battles barely gave them a point to bring themselves out of the relegation bottom. Norwich City’s poor run in the season continues, with a total of seven goals they conceded for Chelsea and Arsenal alone. In their most recent match, they were held by Cardiff City in a 0-0 draw, which provided them one point after two tourneys that rendered them scoreless. Thus far, The Canaries have only won twice this season, which, along with two draws, only gave them eight points in total. The very low score inevitably jammed them in the table’s most dreaded zone.


Football betting tip: Manchester City have been unbeaten in their last four home matches, and would likely extend that streak when they welcome Norwich City at the Etihad.




Stoke City vs. Southampton

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Britannia Stadium


Stoke City

Scoring only six goals this season, Stoke City have a relatively poor attack. Although they held West Bromwich, Manchester City, and West Ham United in clean sheets (the first two were goal-less draws), the side are naïve enough to show some proud innings in the pitch. The low-scoring offense, coupled with a not-so-spectacular tutelage by Mark Hughes, The Potters are in danger of plummeting in the demotion-prone zone.



The Saints have been unbeaten for six consecutive matches, which could have been stretched from the start if not for the lone defeat they incurred from Norwich City. The almost-perfect streak nevertheless was good enough to place Southampton in the league table’s top five, a position which, if they could keep until last day, would qualify them for the Europa League play-off round. Based on their recent showings, Mauricio Pochettino’s men’s showings indicate a strategic ascent.


Online betting tip: This tourney would serve as Southampton’s pivot point to bag their sixth victory this season. Stoke City could try to unleash their best bullets on this combat, but the Saints are equipped enough to prevent them from doing so.


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West Bromwich Albion vs. Crystal Palace

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: The Hawthorns


West Bromwich Albion

Ben Foster is still out due to injury and may not be able to appear in the pitch until November 25. Coach Steve Clarke may address this concern, but his dilemma on poor scoring mechanisms may pursue for more occasions. The side lost their match to Liverpool last week, which may count as their third fairly impressive finish since drawing with Arsenal and Stoke City a few weeks ago. The Baggies presently stand at the table’s 12th spot, after securing 10 points from two victories and four draws.


Crystal Palace

Still dwelling at the table’s bottom, Crystal Palace have only achieved three points from nine meetings. The club’s bizarre run in the English top-flight league following a massive success in the second division indicate that they are not yet ready for a colossal war in the Premier League. Coach and caretaker Keith Millen is having a tough time looking for solutions to turn his team around, especially after Arsenal rendered them empty-handed in their most recently concluded tilt.


Football betting tip: Considering their form, West Bromwich can potentially bring this tourney toward their advantage. Distraught Crystal Palace can hardly find traction in the competition; and against a more in-form adversary, they will find it tremendously challenging to rise above their currently awful situation.




Arsenal vs. Liverpool

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Emirates Stadium



Arsenal debuted in the season rather embarrassingly, succumbing to Aston Villa in a 1-3 home finish. Perhaps due to such a frustrating curtain raiser, the side tried so hard to redeem themselves. And redemption they called it, The Gunners successfully silenced their cynics and delivered the majority of their subsequent tourneys in victories. The enormous successes enabled the club to stockpile points, which eventually led to their current placement in the table at number one. With Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey still very much in shape to continue their Premier League campaign, Arsenal are on track to finish the entire thing with flying colors.



Flaunting an almost-perfect streak, Liverpool led the league for a few weeks before another club overtook them. The side only lost in one match this season, forced a draw twice, and won six times. The Reds are one of the strongest clubs this term, and their chance to reclaim the top spot remains high. Brendan Rodgers has a great faith that his esteemed men would raise their flag again in the English top-tier league. Linchpins Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge are particularly being touted to be the key players to bring the club to the top spot by the end of the competition.


Football betting tip: This battle would serve as one of the tournament’s most anticipated fixtures. A sure thriller, this match will bring out the best stunts from both sides’ players, potentially igniting a massive pitch spectacle that any other fixtures have moderately succeeded to showcase. With both Arsenal and Liverpool highly recharged to beef up their faculties, a defense-influenced stalemate could mark the finish line.


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West Ham United vs. Aston Villa

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Upton Park


West Ham United

Consistency is the main culprit of West Ham United’s crisis in the pitch. The side are currently placed in the league table’s 15th spot, which is just a few places away from the dreaded relegation zone. The Hammers are struggling to make positives points to add to their streak, following a terrible 1-3 home defeat from Manchester City and a 0-0 deadlock with Swansea City. Sam Allardyce’s men have only won twice this season, and were already defeated four times. Collins, McCartney, Carroll, and Diarra may not also turn up in the squad’s future matches.


Aston Villa

Aston Villa have been failing to net at least one goal in their last three fixtures, upsetting coach Paul Lambert of his men’s poor attack. Their goal-less draw with Hull City was tolerable, but the 0-2 results in their bouts with both Tottenham Hostpur and Everton were completely dismaying. If not for the victories they picked up from Arsenal, Norwich City, and Manchester City, The Villa would have possibly plummeted to the bottom. But thanks to those successes, the side are still holding tight at the table’s more secure regions.


Online betting tip: This is a battle between the league’s lower mid-table occupants, and could be seen to be not much of a thriller. Found on an almost equal spectrum, West Ham United and Aston Villa will finish this fixture in a low-scoring draw.