English Premier League Team Review: Sunderland

Updated: July 15, 2014
Sunderland- Borini


On the verge of returning to the Championship, Gus Poyet’s arrival was already a late gamble. The Black Cats were already doomed and its survival chances continued to decrease as they experience one loss after another. But the miracle man proved that miracles do come true. Sunderland survived a heart-pounding ordeal and made a strong finish.


It was never smooth and easy during Poyet’s entry. The squad needed to re-group. Some players cooperated, while others simply caused more problems. Nevertheless, a determine Poyet was eager to see results.


Sunderland showed improvements during the second half of the season. They were able to leave the rock bottom pit of the table, which left its supporters hoping for a successful retention of their Premier League status. Unfortunately,  the Black Cats were subjected to yet another bout of consecutive losses. Once again, the squad saw themselves back into the relegation zone.


But as the proverbial saying goes, Sunderland showed that they indeed, have nine (9) lives. The squad pulled off a magnificent performance during its last remaining matches. They disappointed and shocked the league’s powerhouses. At the end of the day, Sunderland—the squad, which many doubted finished on the 14th spot of the table, three (3) notches better than what they did during the 2012-2013 season.


Match to remember

Aside from the 4-0 thrashing of Cardiff, who would have thought that Sunderland would upset Chelsea? To others, it was pure luck. But the mere fact that Chelsea surrendered to the least favorite squad—to the least favorite of online betting tips, was already a great achievement.


Match to forget

To experience a 5-1 loss against Tottenham was indeed, a humbling experience. The good thing was that they did not suffer a clean sheet from their opponent.


The scene-stealers

Liverpool loanee, Fabio Borini was an influential figure for the squad. His winning goals ensured safety against relegation.


Latest additions


It will be best if Sunderland can persuade Borini to stay rather than go back to Liverpool.


Image Source: The National