English Premier League Team Review: Chelsea

Updated: July 14, 2014
Chelsea- Schurlle


Jose Mourinho’s return to Chelsea sparked interest and hope from his supporters. His arrival meant a better and stronger squad that once dominated the domestic and Champions Leagues.


Chelsea became a strong title contender towards the last leg of the season. Unfortunately, its downfall to mid-table teams halted their title campaign.


The Blues therefore ended as the 3rd best club in the league.


Match to remember

Chelsea’s Champions League match against Paris Saint Germain is one of the club’s highlights last season. The Blues were trailing the French outfit by two goals to qualify for the final spot. However, Andre Schurrle and Demba Ba secured the needed goals and secure the win via the virtue of away goals.


Likewise, their last match against Manchester City almost secured their grip of the title.


Match to forget

Mourinho’s fury during their loss against Crystal Palace and Sunderland was understandable. The defeat against Crystal Palace lowered their possibility of winning the title, whilst bowing down to Sunderland ultimately denied them of the crown. What was even worse was that Crystal Palace and Sunderland were trying to veer away from the relegation zone.


The scene-stealers

There is no doubt that PFA’s Young Player Award, Eden Hazard is one of the group’s scene stealers. Its creative plays paved way for many of Chelsea’s scoring opportunities.
Juan Mata and his unexpected transfer to Manchester United also stole the spotlight. Lastly, it is hard to forget Mourinho’s cheeky comment at Samuel Eto’os age.


Latest additions

Mourinho has been emphasizing his need for a reliable striker. And with former Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa destined to wear the Chelsea jersey, his presence is expected to give the squad the boost it needed.



Image Source: The Pride of London