English Premier League completes summer transfer

Updated: July 9, 2014
Bacary Sagna

The English Premier League may have not been as active in the transfer market as compared to the other major UEFA leagues but some of the few new signings will definitely change the course of next season’s top-of-the-table campaigns. With the World Cup still running, many internationals and sports betting favorites are not yet so keen at an English club transfer as they focus more on their national squads. But once the FIFA tournament is over, the English top-tier football will be flooded with foreign players seeking the prestige and competitiveness of the Premier League. But for now, the summer window is already closed and aspirants may wait for another several months before they can sign contracts.


There were 81 transfers reported of Premier League players moving out of their teams en route to other football clubs. The list includes Chelsea’s David Luiz, Manchester United’s Alexander Buttner, and QPR’s Yossi Benayoun who have been signed to play for PSG, Dynamo Moscow, and Maccabi Haifa, respectively. Ashley Cole is also transferring to Roma while Nemanja Vidic is set to play for Inter Milan next term—both players possibly making a final stint in football as their age may no longer allow them to extend some more years in the pitch.


If there are players moving out, there are also talents going in. Within the league, Bacary Sagna has moved from Arsenal to Manchester City and may find himself battling for a place for a starting right-back role against the likes of Zabaleta and Richards. Also coming from Arsenal, Lukasz Fabianski would be playing for Swansea City next season. Jole Cole is testing new waters with a move to Aston Villa from West Ham United.


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(Featured Image: Bacary Sagna | Source: skysports.com)