Mourinho Says Adios to Real Madrid

Updated: May 23, 2013
Jose Mourinho


After a stormy three-year stint with Real Madrid, Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho will officially return to his old team Chelsea at the end of the season.


During those three years, Mourinho gained notoriety for unsportsmanlike behavior, like poking his fingers into Barcelona assistant Tito Vilanova’s eyes and stalking referees at their cars. Some of his own players also felt resentment against the abrasive coach, especially after he told them to use tactics like kicking and hustling to gain an advantage over Barcelona.


To Mourinho’s credit, he garnered an impressive winning percentage (79 percent) for Real Madrid, contrary to the “all bark, no bite” accusations of his critics. (In comparison, Miguel Munoz and Vicente del Bosque have 59 and 54 winning percentages, respectively, even though both of them coached more matches than Mourinho.) Let’s not forget that he’s also responsible for making Chelsea one of the top teams in English football.


In a move rarely seen in the world of football, neither Mourinho nor Real Madrid claimed compensation for separation from the other. Based on this, it would appear that Real Madrid was eager to get rid of Mourinho without any hitches.


Nonetheless, it’s clear that Chelsea fans eagerly await the return of “The Special One”. Hopefully, Mourinho will bring more of his expertise, and less of his hubris, once he gets back to Stamford Bridge.



Photo Source: Zimbio