La Liga Match Preview: Rayo Vallecano vs. Elche

Updated: September 4, 2014
Rayo 2014-15

Match Date: 14 September 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Campo de Futbol de Vallecas

(Featured image: Rayo | Source: Zimbio)


Both marooned in the bottom half of the table, Rayo and Elche need a major form reform for them to successfully barge into the top 10. Thus far, the sides have been winless in the past two weeks of La Liga.


Rayo Vallecano

Rayo rank at number 14, crowned only by two points which they obtained from drawing with both Atletico Madrid (0-0) and Deportivo de la Coruna (2-2). While their season debut did not necessarily give them a major boon to their campaign, it was impressive enough to please their fans as they were able to exude excellent defense against the last season’s overall champions. In their subsequent battle, they managed to improve on the attack, with the brace netted by Bueno serving great purpose. However, their opponents also scored the same number of goals which eventually resulted in a stalemate. Los Franjirrojos were so close at seizing the silverware (which would have placed them in the top seven) if only Alvarez was able to save Cuenca’s penalty in extra time.



Elche made a very slight upward movement in the league rankings, but it was still an appalling result that they cannot be fully proud of. Bottom occupants for a second straight week, Los Franjiverdes failed to make an accurate turnaround of the large goal deficit they incurred from their debut. The side forced a draw against Granada and the sole point they earned from this fixture placed them just one spot higher than the previous rankings. Lombam scored Elche’s first goal of the season, but it only served as a late equalizer to Fran Rico’s opener.


Online betting tip: Rayo Vallecano will bag their first victory of the season from this match against Elche.