Serie A Weekly Review (Week 4): Napoli Sinks, Milan Draws And Juve Triumphs

Updated: September 25, 2014
AC Milan- Arturo Vidal

Week highlights

Many were stunned when Empoli forced AC Milan to settle for a stalemate last week. Considering its well-deserved win against Lazio and the thriller against Parma, the squad is expected to rise above the newly-promoted team.


Losing to Juventus was quite understandable. At the very least, the loss was not a major thrashing, nothing of that sort of defeat. Yet, the disappointment cannot be controlled as many are expecting a major return from the online betting favorite.


Meanwhile, back into Juve’s camp, it does not take a genius to see why the rest of the Old Lady was in a celebratory mood. Pitted against Cesena, the club clinched a 3-0 victory, which (temporarily) secured its place on the table’s top spot.


On the other hand, the jubilant and proud ambience at Juve’s camp was quite the opposite of the Partenopei. For reasons that they alone understand, the club was contained by Palermo. Their clash ended in 3-3 with Napoli failing to recover fully from its 2 consecutive losses.



Juventus’ Arturo Vidal readily featured last week. Sharing the spotlight with him was no other than Fernando Torres, who debuted his AC Milan match with a precise header.


The blunders

Sadly, this one goes to Napoli. The club is in dire need of a major revamp due to its lackluster performances. It should be able to move on from its Champions League elimination since there are still plenty of things to take care of in the domestic league.


What to expect

A close fight characterizes Juventus and Roma’s quest for the top spot. As the week goes by, expect a more thrilling and exciting performances from both squads.


Image Source: FTB Pro