Serie A Team Review: Cesena

Updated: August 1, 2014
US Latina v AC Cesena - Serie B Playoff Final


Even troubling financial issues cannot keep Cesena from returning into Italy’s top-flight league. After a long wait, the squad shall not let their efforts go into waste. It survived a grueling season in Serie B and there is no way that they will let their suffering financial state affect their promotion.


After securing a well-deserved win against the rival, Latina, the club overflows with confidence as they enjoy Serie A’s limelight once again.


Match to remember

Winning over Latina seemed an impossible feat. In as far as, the numbers are concerned, the latter had the definite advantage over the Cavallucci Marinis.


But the disparities between the two were not that wide. Latina had a mere 2-point lead. Cesena had a better goal difference. Cesena therefore, was a threat and true enough, the play-offs saw them dominate each and every match.


They immediately took the lead during the first leg, scoring two (2) goals against Latina’s one (1). They repeated their feat in the second leg and off they go to Serie A.


Match to forget

Serie B’s new promotion format compelled Cesena to go against Modena. They almost lost their chance to return to Serie A when Modena forced an even steven finish during the playoff’s first leg. Fortunately, Cesena recovered in the 2nd leg to endure another grueling playoff against Latina.


The scene-stealers

The midfield tandem of Manuel Coppola and Emmanuel Cascione proved to be a perfect match as their combination readily contributed to Cesena’s promotion.


Latest Additions

The so-called heir of Luigi Buffon, Nicola Leali will be joining Cesena on a season-long loan. With Leali around, expect a stronger and better Cesena. Who knows, the club might transform into one of Serie A’s top performers and football betting favorite.



Image Source: Guiseppe Bellini via Getty Images