Serie A Preview: Udinese and Parma have almost the same wavelengths

Updated: August 29, 2013
Parma vs. Udinese

Neither Udinese (White-blacks) nor Parma (The Crusaders) kicked off their Serie A campaign with top-notch success. Parma only managed to obtain a draw with Chievo 0-0 while Udinese were held up by Lazio 1-2. Their match on September 2 would be a good avenue to showcase both sides’ knack for a pitch display and should serve as a gauge to streamline their current league standings.


The White-blacks finished their 2012-13 Serie A stint with a total of 66 points from 38 matches, earning them a place in the top five. For this season, Francesco Guidolin’s men slid to number 15 after debuting in the tournament with a not-so-okay performance. That, however, was just on reference to a single match and there are more tourneys to come that will certainly change the squad’s standing. Earlier in the EUFA Europa League, Udinese were dubbed both as losers and winners. They may have been defeated by Slovan Liberec 1-3 in the finals but they were very successful in the match before that (against Siroki Brijeg 4-0).


Parma currently sit at number 11 in the league table, a one-spot decline from last season’s 10th. Debuting with a draw this season, The Crusaders are prepping innovative maneuvers to redefine their future in the tournament and seize preference from European or Asian Sportsbooks. In the pre-season friendlies, Roberto Donadoni’s squad were very aggressive, owning all of their last three battles (against Fulham 2-1, Marseille 1-0, and Renate 1-0). This does not yet include their victory in the Coppa Italia, where shy Lecce went home empty-handed and their rivals running away with four goals.


Based on current form, Parma may appear to dominate Udinese by a few chunks, but the latter have actually won over the former twice in their last three matches (the remainder was a draw). For this upcoming tourney, the sides will have a difficult time thrashing one another as they are almost pinned to the same power level. Udinese might still win (narrowly) this round, but a draw will never go too far from the results.


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