Serie A Preview: Torino and Milan determined to seize second win

Updated: September 9, 2013

Both Torino and Milan gave their first and second Serie A new season appearances one win and one defeat apiece. While Torino’s successful curtain raiser probably made them complacent in their second tourney, Milan were resolute to win their follow-up match after incurring a defeat in the opening. This September 15 for the Italian top-flight league’s third week, the sides will have to compete against each other and are expected to exemplify their best facets in order to seal their third stint with a stunning finish and consequently, lure online betting contractors into going toward their side. The battle will be held in the Stadio Olimpico di Torino on a 02:45 kick-off.


Masiello may have already regained his energy after taking a rest for back injury, and is thus expected to find his way back into the competition this time. Torino coach Giampiero Ventura is already prepping his squad with innovative drills in order to bag a second win in the tournament. What happened in Bergamo was certainly not an event to extract celebration from, after Atalanta pounded them in a 0-2 defeat. The side had a convenient start against Serie A debutants Sassuolo 2-0 and they should retain the goodness in that session and strive to progress further.


Last season’s third placers slid to the seventh spot this term. Milan had a disappointing performance in their curtain raiser, having had to succumb to their opponents (newly promoted Verona) at a very unripe time. As per football betting, tips claiming the side’s early win have therefore been put on jeopardy. But there was a silver lining on that defeat, as the side were motivated to do better and more carefully in their second match. And so they did, after thrashing Cagliari 3-1 to secure their first home win. Massimiliano Allegri’s men are confident that their sickly season debut will never repeat, and that their momentum should accelerate again the way it did last season.


Prediction: With a perilous start countered immediately by a robust follow-up win, Milan will be hungrier for points than Torino and will therefore turn this match under their control.


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