Serie A Preview: Sassuolo to endure third consecutive upset from Verona

Updated: September 10, 2013

It seems like two of the newly promoted sides in Serie A are still adjusting with the rigor of the Italian top-level football. Hellas Verona have already conceded four goals in just two matches, while Sassuolo are currently placed in the table’s menacing brink. For these sides’ meeting on September 15, either one or both of them will ascend from their current position and steal attention from online betting contractors. However, this task is pretty much of a greater challenge for Sassuolo in that they are already in danger of going back to Serie B.


Serie A returnees, Verona, debuted in the season impressively well, slamming powerhouse Milan on a 2-1 finish. Luca Toni led his pack, having been able to equalize Milan’s opening score in the 30th minute and finished the tourney with a brilliant goal in the 53rd minute. Gialloblu’s second stint, however, was marred by a painful pounding by Roma 0-3. Cacciatore, Ljajic, and Pjanic were just too strong to not allow any of Andrea Mandorlini’s men score in the session. Courtesy of their first two matches, Verona are currently ranked in the 13th spot with three points under their belt.


Sassuolo rang their Serie A debut in Torino. Despite their immense effort to score a goal, the side finished their opening stint empty-handed and conceded points for the home side 2-0. In their second tournament appearance, Neroverdi yet again experienced defeat (from Livorno 1-4). With the brood lacking the necessary experience, Sassuolo’s management should accelerate their initiatives to hire more experienced players before the transfer market closes. Serie A is not an easy league to venture into, and tremendous preparation is essential to succeed in the tournament.


This match will be a key determinant to gauge which side between Verona and Sassuolo will continue their journey with a bigger picture. Both sides seem undernourished to obtain reliable pitch health, so taking any chance of getting points is obligatory. But for this round, Verona has the greater opportunity to seize the win.


Verona’s Luca Toni | Image source: