Serie A Preview: Parma to pose supremacy over Chievo

Updated: July 19, 2013

While their last match saw them end up in a draw with Parma, Chievo cannot hold certainty of a win or another draw with their rematch on August 25 with the Serie A 2012-13 season 10th placers. History and statistics jointly tell that Parma is the stronger side between the two, having won their battles three times in a row beginning with their duel four match dates ago. That said, it would be a piece of cake to determine which team should acquire the milk and honey in spectators’ feedback, online betting odds, and performance plaudits.


I Crociati’s elite inclusion in the European Club Association may prove detrimental to their opponents’ branding front. But detouring away from such reputation, Parma do have something to talk big. Posting hat-trick wins in their individual tourneys ending in the August 1 match, Roberto Donadoni’s men were able to topple equally tough challengers: Palermo 3-1 (Serie A), Renate 1-0 (Club Friendly), and Olympic Marseille 1-0 (Club Friendly).


Ranking 12th last season, Mussi Volanti have to beef up their tactics to lift their position notches higher in the upcoming season. Parma warriors are a strong competition, but Giuseppe Sannino’s men could still find loopholes in their opponents’ form and make new strategies to execute improved pitch drills. Their win over Bari 3-0 was a riveting success, although they really need to grease their engine a little bit more as they’ve only secured draws in their earlier matches (with Atalanta 2-2 and Torini 1-1). Most recently, the side suffered a defeat from Cardiff City 0-1 after failing to find a way to put their ball in the opposition goal.


Parma could grace the Stadio Ennio Tardini with a win nodding to their side. Chievo, however, can take on innovations and improvisations to change the expected match outcome.



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