Serie A Preview: Lazio to compete in a close bout with Chievo

Updated: September 10, 2013

It will be a tough clash for current lower mid-table occupants Lazio and Chievo this September 15. This Series A round will either push them upward in the rankings or pull them further down the danger zone. Regardless, this meeting will definitely be an intriguing display and is expected to excite supporters and online bookies alike.


Lorik Cana is back in the pitch after suffering from muscular injury. This should make coach Vladimir Petković pleased as he is preparing Lazio for a stronger ensemble that is ready to dominate both the charts and online betting trends. The side debuted in the season with a stunning win over Udinese 2-1, which saw opening scorer Hernanes make an agile tandem with Klose. This success was later countered by a loss from their second and most recent stint, after Juventus thrashed them in a daunting 1-4 score. Biancocelesti are currently placed at number 12 in the league table, with accumulated total points of three.


Chievo’s defense is excellent, but this also hinders them from scoring goals as seen in their draw match with Parma 0-0 in the tournament’s opening. Conservative playing may work on some faculties, but when a clash against Napoli is unlocked, that should really change to something more aggressive. That said, Gialloblu were pounded by Napoli on a 2-4 final tally, with both Callejón and Hamšík cancelling out Chievo’s two equalizers. Team boss Giuseppe Sannino need to heighten his players’ low-tempo style if he wants to get his side away from their current 15th place ranking, especially now that the Italian top-flight league is already starting to progress.


Thus far, Lazio have already conceded five goals, while Chievo have granted four. Of the last five matches that these sides have met, the former managed to win twice and the latter, only once. Two of those tourneys were stalemates. For this battle, Lazio might be able to add another win in their streak, but that success will not come off without sweat.


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