Serie A Preview: Cagliari to mount new duel with Atalanta

Updated: August 7, 2013
Atlanta vs Cagliari

Earlier this year, Cagliari Calcio and Atalanta BC fought over the Serie A trophy, ending the match in a draw 1-1 and sending more than 15,000 spectators to astonishment after sharp maneuvers were unleashed from both sides. For their rematch for the same trophy, the teams will meet on August 25 at the Stadio Is Arenas and are expected to replicate the explosive drills that they displayed in their January 20 combat.


Football betting analysts are keen that the upcoming match between Rossoblu and La Dea will again result in a draw, citing the sides’ almost identical records in their most recent individual matches and the fact that their duels in the past have so far been at par. But there is always a room to quash the odds, and either of the sides will eventually emerge champions no matter what.


Cagliari’s last five matches (in different competitions) were very impressive, with four consecutive wins and just one draw. Their duel with Juventus was the sole deadlock display in the streak 1-1, while their matches against Lazio, Tamai, Olbia, and Gazélec Ajaccio were stunning wins. Corresponding scores were 1-1, 4-0, 1-0, and 1-0. Such a line is indicative that Ivo Pulga’s men are skilled in both defense and in striking. It can be inferred that Cagliari are stern when it comes to letting their opponents secure a goal, as a zero-score in those last four matches for their nemeses is readily telling something.


Atalanta, in comparison, do not also seem to run chicken with its competitors. Boasting of fixtures similar to Cagliari’s, the team secured four successive wins out of their five (latest) matches. The remainder is a draw, which was a match against Chievo 2-2. Stefano Colantuono’s players lorded over a quadruplet of opponents, which include Lumezzane, Udinese, FeralpiSalo, and Renate. Unlike Cagliari, Atalanta let two of their opponents (Lumezzane and Udinese) secure a goal or goals, while the other two were complete dominations. However, the team struck scores that are much higher than what Cagliari achieved, posting tallies 3-1, 5-2, 4-0, and 1-0.


A draw match is still likely to happen, although producing a winning team is equally plausible. Cagliari may seize the trophy, but Atalanta will absolutely make the match tremendously rousing.


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