Serie A Prediction: Livorno need to increase virtuosity to topple Roma

Updated: August 7, 2013
AC Roma

Match date: 26 August 2013


Their overall stint in the last season’s Serie B was just a moderate success, although it ultimately sent them through Italy’s top-tier football competition. Livorno’s promotion (via playoffs) to Serie A is a quaint platform to establish a grander reputation. However, fairy tales hardly happen in real life. With Serie A veteran Roma approaching Amaranto to engage in a duel this new season, making a good grip on the trophy would prove difficult. Sports betting sites would be quick to deliver odds of which side will eventually win, and which one will inevitably falter.


Livorno’s recent transfer campaigns were panned by a number of analysts, citing recruitment of Serie A neophytes as practically wrong for a decision. Davide Nicola’s men have a relatively unconvincing defense, which is why they had to compensate for the paucity by gambling on new players who barely have Serie A experience. Full-back Simone Salviato, goalkeeper Vincenzo Fiorillo, and midfielders Savvas Gentsoglou and Alfred Duncan all bade adieu to Amaranto, which means that the team is being challenged with talent deficit. Their replacements—Leandro Greco, Saulo Decarli, Nahuel Valentini, Francesco Bardi, Marco Benassi, and Cristiano Piccini—have yet to prove their knack for a Serie A display.


Three-time Serie A champions Roma are a strong barricade to destroy. Ranked last season in the sixth spot, La Maggica can categorically pound any newcomer (or returning players) to the competition. The side’s powerhouse trio, top scorers Pablo Osvaldo, Erik Lamela, and Francesco Totti, will not let any opponent score against their goal. They concluded their Serie A 2012-13 season with a win over Napoli, as well as dominated over Aris in their most recent Club Friendly.


Roma will largely have the lead in the match, with barely a reason to not to. However, Livorno’s comparatively untested squad means that they have an untapped opportunity to make surprises. Serie A greenhorns like Benassi and Bardi, for example, were acclaimed for their skills in shielding the defense and effectively managing the goal, correspondingly.



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