Serie A Match Preview: Sassuolo vs. Torino

Updated: January 16, 2014

Match Date: 19 January 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Città del Tricolore



After four matches of goalless defeats, Sassuolo have finally scored a victory when they met with Milan days ago. The face-off was a breathtaking one, with Sassuolo thrashing their opponents only by one goal from a 4-3 finish. Domenico Berardi secured the extraordinary win for his team. Milan initially ruled the match with a 2-0 lead via Robinho and Balotelli. However, between the 15th and 47th minutes, I Neroverdi  fired massive goals that even with team captain Montolivo’s late goal, Milan still went home as the underdogs.


The stunning victory was crucial to Sassuolo’s placement in the league. The struggling troupe picked up all the points from the joist and are now one spot above the relegation zone. Overall, they have earned 17 points from 19 matches and scored 21 goals.



After losing their match to Parma in their first Serie A match for the new year, Torino were held in goalless draw by Fiorentina. Their two top-tier performances this year are in stark contrast with their last two (or three) from last year―where they scored significant wins over Chievo 4-1 and Udinese 0-2. Three earlier matches were also substantial sources of points.


Current rankings position Il Toro at number seven which is quite a comforting spot considering the high-energy war of clubs in this season’s tournament. The rank is attributed to the side’s total earning (so far) of 26 points, which in turn was supplanted by their W6-D8-L5 record.


Sports betting tip: Still feeling ecstatic from their recent win, Sassuolo will be in good appetite to earn another victory from their next tourney. However, Torino are also equally determined of obtaining three points after feeling the pressure of making their new year’s form more solid. In this match, therefore, a draw should be expected.


Sassuolo | Image source: ESPN