Serie A Match Preview: Sassuolo vs. AC Milan

Updated: January 8, 2014

Match Date: 12 January 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Città del Tricolore



Still on the rocks and struggling to replicate the successes they created some weeks ago, Sassuolo are spending another week at the relegation zone. The risk of exiting in the tournament bounced back to the higher percentile as their performances in Verona, Torino, Florence, and Genoa all went below expectations. The momentum they seemed to resonate in the league’s 11th to 14th weeks was not sustained, and Eusebio Di Francesco must address this dilemma right away if he does not want his new squad to be demoted to the second division.


In their most recent fixture, Sassuolo were rather frail that they were easily slammed by equally struggling side, Genoa. Alberto Gilardino opened the scoring in the 28th minute from the penalty spot for the hosts, before Alberto Bertolacci made it 2-0 just seconds into the interval. The second half halted any chance for another goal, and if not for the sprightly save by Gianluca Pegolo, Sassuolo would have incurred a 3-0 clean sheet by their adversary.


AC Milan

Milan’s mediocre performances in their recent showings are compromising their chance of truly making it to the highest seats. Their defeat from Inter 1-0 was an embarrassment, while their draw with Ajax 0-0 in the Champions League suggested a weak attack. However, with the 3-0 success they achieved from thrashing Atalanta, the side are back on track to avenging themselves from the dismays they suffered from the previous weeks.


Placed just a step outside the top ten, i Rossoneri keep 22 points under their belt. They have won in five different occasions in the league’s current season, forced a stalemate seven times, and succumbed to their rivals six times. Creating long shot opportunities remains to be their best quality, while their ineffectiveness at defending the lead is still an issue they need to address.


Football betting tip: Milan have the upper hand over Sassuolo. The sides have never battled out before as far as recent memory is concerned, but it is pretty apparent that the visitors are in much more ripe form to bring home all the spoils.


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