Serie A Match Preview: Roma vs. Cagliari

Updated: November 15, 2013

Match Date: 25 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Olimpico



Two consecutive draws axed Roma’s almost-perfect streak this season. The deadlock with Torino was already a surprise but the one with relegation-prone Sassuolo was divinely unexpected. The results suggest two possible explanations: either Roma are already losing their momentum or their lowly opponents are just gaining stronger traction in the tournament.

Despite their recent stalemates, i Giallorossi remain atop the league table. The squad have already accumulated 32 points in just 12 fixtures, with all but two of those finishing in glorious victories. A total of 26 goals have been scored, while only three were conceded. Their form is extremely solid, and falling off the highest cliff is still a remote possibility for Rudi Garcia’s troupe.



Cagliari climbed two places in the league tally, from a dangerous 15th spot from last week to a safer 13th spot this week. The slight improvement is attributed to the side’s success over Torino, where the latter were slammed in a 2-1 home finish for Cagliari. While they indeed improved with a few notches, Rossoblu are not yet absolutely safe from a downgrade in the Italian top-tier football. The troupe is very inconsistent, as evidenced by just three victories they earned this season, thus far.

Diego López’s main dilemma for his squad is their frail defense. They are yet to obtain a clean sheet this season, as all of their victories finished with their opponents scoring at least one goal.


Football betting tip: Roma’s recent surprise draws with the less spectacular sides in the league may have baffled spectators, but the squad will keep their pace and stay a superpower no matter what. Roma are excellent at defending set pieces and creating long shot opportunities—traits that their opponents are less skilled at. In this joist, Roma will lord Cagliari over. Betting between 1.67 and 2.35 for the home side will prove profitable.


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