Match Previews: Serie A (November 2-3)

Updated: October 31, 2013

Parma vs. Juventus

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Ennio Tardini



Parma had a difficult trip to the Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris when they were rendered empty handed by Genoa 1-0. The match was generally defensive, with both of the clubs exuding excellent skills in protecting their bases. Nevertheless, Alberto Gilardino was able to steal a goal in the 57th minute for the home side. I Crociati tried to convert chances in the second period, but they failed to do so until full time. The defeat marks Parma’s fourth upset this season, but it was not impactful enough to drag them down in the table’s top 11.



Sitting comfortably at number three, Juventus have consistently been progressing every passing week. The side started the season with a landing spot at number nine, and have never gone beyond that up to the most recent tally. Vecchia Signora obtained clean sheets in their two latest matches, bludgeoning Genoa and Catania in traumatic assaults. Their victory over the latter appears to be their biggest success this season, finishing the tourney in a 4-0 home triumph. Thus far, the side have already scored 25 points overall, which they accumulated from eight wins and one draw.


Football betting tip: Juventus play best at home, but they are also dependable even while playing as visitors. Parma seem to share the same character, but their past combats against Juve are to be considered, they are less likely to impress in this round. A narrow one-goal lead by the visitors will mark this fixture’s finish.


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AC Milan vs. Fiorentina


Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


AC Milan

Of the ten match weeks they were part of this season, Milan have only managed to rank higher than the tenth spot four times. The side had an awful start in Serie A, conceding two goals to Verona and earning a defeat in their curtain raiser. What should have been a motivation to improve in the following matches happened to be a frustrating pivot point. I Rossoneri scored defeats in three more tourneys, and have already obtained more upsets than victories. Three draws make up for any breather, which would include their most recent tourney at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Current rankings place Massimiliano Allegri’s men at number 10, thanks to the one point they picked up from their derby with Lazio.



After four matches of an unbeaten Serie A streak (including their history-defying victory over Juventus), Fiorentina had a taste of their own medicine when they were defeated by Napoli at home 1-2. The upset would only be the side’s second defeat this season, the first being their tourney with Inter (2-1 away). The mishap might convey frustration among fans, but it was actually just a slight dilemma that supporters should worry about. Despite the zero points, Viola still reign within the top five. Thanks to a very solid form before the Napoli thrashing, Vincenzo Montella still have the motivation to carry the day in their subsequent combats.


Online betting tip: Against an in-form club, Milan will face a difficult challenge of succeeding in their next battle. Fiorentina have the greater chance at winning this round, which means that the home side are in an awkward position to incur a second consecutive upset.



 SSC Napoli v AS Livorno Calcio - Serie A

Napoli vs. Catania

Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio San Paolo



Like raging bulls, Napoli are rallying their way to the summit of the Italian top-tier league in a decisively energetic approach (and passion). The team have already amassed 25 points from 10 matches, enough to place them in the table’s second most esteemed spot. Winning in eight fixtures, Partenopei have the enormous chance of ending their Serie A campaign in a massive triumph—which for that case, could serve as their very first national championship in 24 years. Rafael Benítez’s men started their campaign atop the chaotic pool, even extending the reign for three match weeks. In their most recent battle, the side scored their third consecutive win this term. Fiorentina were hijacked of two innings by Napoli, while the latter only conceded one goal.



Catania players are unfortunately some of the tournaments’ unsuccessful warriors to hold the shorter end of the stick. Winning in just one match (against Chievo 2-0 on week six), Rossazzurri have already landed in the relegation zone five times this season—including the current week. The side barely gave a sign of improvement (or the capacity to embark on a consistent sojourn) since their low-scoring draw with Genoa. Catania’s most recent fixture would be their biggest loss this season, conceding four goals to Juventus and scoring zero.


Football betting tip: This tourney would serve as a relatively easy challenge for the home side. Napoli’s very solid form is intimidating enough to spoil Catania’s spiritedness in seeking for a sweet revenge. The encounter will ultimately result in a clean sheet, in favor of Partenopei.


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Livorno vs. Atalanta

Match Date: 03 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Armando Picchi



Livorno had a thrilling joist with Torino in their most recent meeting, eventually closing it in a high-scoring draw. Both sides unintentionally broke off their defenses to give way for a notching saga. Torino’s Ciro Immobile opened the scoring early on, which was doubled by team-mate Kamil Glik a few minutes later. Both goals were assisted by Alessio Cerci, who was also the side’s saving glory after netting the final goal in the match at the back of a successive three-goal netting by Livorno. The deadlock would be Amaranto’s third this season, which, together with two victories, gave the club nine points to place them in the league table’s 15th spot.



Atalanta obtained their second consecutive, mediocre result this season in their bout against Inter. The match finished in a low-scoring draw, which barely compensated for the squad’s dull delivery in their earlier match (against Sampdoria 1-0, away). La Dea were nevertheless very impressive in the Italian top-flight league’s sixth to eight match weeks, displaying breathtaking stunts that gave them enough merits to score big and keep them safe in the rankings. They are currently placed in table’s top nine, but will have to work much harder in order for them to bag higher reaches.


Online betting tip: Livorno and Atalanta last fought in 2011, with the former winning the combat. Two more matches backwards, Livorno still emerged as the better club in the duo. However, this season’s intensities could turn the tides for Atalanta. La Dea are showing much better form this term than Livorno, and their first win over Amaranto in two years can plausibly be granted in this upcoming fixture.




Hellas Verona vs. Cagliari

Match Date: 03 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Marc`Antonio Bentegodi


Hellas Verona

Except for the zero points they obtained from Inter, Verona have been bagging landslide victories in their recent Serie A matches. Their latest showing gave them a clean sheet, inevitably putting Sampdoria on a goal-less sendoff. Andrea Mandorlini’s men are propagating a boost in confidence, as well as a gradually developing a playing style that really works. Their attacking mechanisms blend smoothly with their defense, hinting a plausible thriller when they meet with the league’s best-ranked clubs in the future. The team have thus far seized 19 points from 10 matches, technically putting them astride with Inter in the top five (except that the latter scored more goals and conceded less).



If not for the breather they obtained from Catania, Cagliari would have endured a four-match, perfect streak of defeats. Their two most recent matches were utter disappointments. In fact, none of the players—not even Mauricio Pinilla—were able to net a goal in those meetings, further preventing them from barging into the top 10.  Rossoblu are therefore required to find an outlet for the escalating Serie A pressure, but should remain aware of the importance of composure.


Football betting tip: Verona are apparently more adept at protruding their wheelhouse than Cagliari. In this match, the home side are in it for a positive result, which could potentially be fatal for Cagliari.


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