Match Previews: Italian Serie A (Week 17)

Updated: December 17, 2013
AS Livorno Calcio v Atalanta BC - Serie A

Livorno vs. Udinese

Match Date:  21 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Armando Picchi



Only one point was obtained from Livorno’s last five fixtures, denoting a dangerous malady that might possibly be dwelling within the side’s form. The squad are currently at risk of relegation, after only bagging three wins since curtain raiser and conceding 27 goals in just 16 matches. With meager total points of 13, Livorno are in dire need of a victory.


Aggressiveness is what Livorno is short of, which can be seen in their hesitation to play rigorously with their opponents. They are consistent with the first eleven, fond of taking long shots, and often play in their own half. In one way or another, these playing strategies have both affected and helped their overall performance.



Udinese may have never been in the relegation zone this season, but four of their six most recent matches finished in painful defeats—all characterized by zero goals scored. A 3-3 draw was forced when they met with Napoli, while a clean was relished when they battled out against Fiorentina. The side have spent half of their past 16 match weeks in the table’s lower half, which include the current week.


Udinese are always given many chances to find the net, but they usually fail to finish conversion. They are also careless in the offside, and suffer poor defense against long shots. But to be fair, they are very good at protecting the lead and in attacking set pieces.


Football betting tip: Between these side, Udinese have the slight edge over Livorno. Both of the squads’ past few matches have generally been unspectacular, but the possibility of much better display is not completely ruled out. Scoring can be tight in this fixture, but Udinese will eventually take the lead.


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Cagliari vs. Napoli

Match Date: 21 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio San Elia



At home, Cagliari are generally very strong. Two of the three latest home matches they had ended victoriously, while the remainder was a stalemate. In all, 15 points have been obtained from all their fixtures inside their own stadium; the figure constituting more than three quarters of the side’s total earnings this season.


Positioned at number 12, Rossoblu still need to address certain dilemmas that seem to cause distress to their performance. They are really good at shooting from direct free kicks, but they generally fail at finishing scoring chances and in defending against through ball attacks.



Napoli are unbeaten for three Serie A weeks now, having won those two tourneys with strong dominance over their rivals. Lazio and Inter were both stolen of two goals by Partenopei, while Udinese were held in a 3-3 stalemate. In addition, Arsenal went meek after they were trampled by Napoli 2-0 in the Champions League.


Napoli strongly capitalize on short passes, which are often accompanied by subtle by still high-energy attacks. They often attempt through balls and are reputed for controlling the match in the opposition’s half.


Online betting tip: Cagliari will benefit from the home advantage they have. However, with well-organized Napoli on the road, winning will not be that easy. In this match, a tight-scoring clash should be expected, but the victory will perhaps go to the visitors.