2014-15 Serie A Match Previews: Week 2 (Part 3)

Updated: September 8, 2014
Fiorentina week 2

Fiorentina vs. Genoa

Match Date: 14 September 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Artemio Franchi, Firenze

(Featured image: Fiorentina | Source: miamiherald.com)


Neither Fiorentina nor Genoa impressed in their debut performances at the opening of Serie A new season as both sides failed to earn at least point from their matches. Fiorentina broke their four-match unbeaten streak (all recorded last August) with an appalling 2-0 downfall to Roma, made even worse by a completely empty score sheet. They are currently positioned at the foot of the league table and if their most recent friendly with Lugano (which ended 2-1 away) will be their gauge for future results, the odds are not going in their favor. Genoa, meanwhile, also succumbed to their rivals Napoli, but managed to score one goal (thanks to Pinilla’s first-half effort) to avoid drowning in the relegation zone. Still, zero points and a negative one goal difference are hardly comforting figures.


Sports betting tip: Three out of four recent meetings between Fiorentina and Genoa have been won by the former. This match will not be any different.




Napoli vs. Chievo

Match Date: 14 September 2014 (local)

Match Venue: San Paolo


After failing to win in any of their last three matches (one in a club friendly and two in the Champions League), Napoli have finally seized all the marbles with a victory from Genoa in their season debut at the Italian top-flight football. Partenopei scored twice in the battle, with Jose Callejon’s goal opening the scoring and Jonathan de Guzman’s late rally deciding the match’s outcome after Genoa’s Mauricio Pinilla’s scored an equalizer in the 40th minute. The win therefore gave them ticket to secure a place in the league table’s top four. Chievo, by contrast, have remained winless in five matches from all competitions, and there last three battles—including their season opener versus Juventus—have all rendered them goalless. Eugenio Corini’s lads must produce a more possessive play if they wish to avoid contact with the relegation zone in Serie A’s second week.


Online betting tip: Napoli will seize all three points from Chievo.