Premier League Match Preview: West Ham United vs. Swansea

Updated: January 30, 2014
Upton Park

Match Date: 01 February 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Upton Park


West Ham United

To hold Premier League powerhouse Chelsea in a deadlock was quite a feat for relegation candidates West Ham United. The impressive defensive display they exemplified in the match was more than enough to prove that even them who had serious shortcomings in the past week could still pull of  a thriller against giants. The draw, while not as remarkable as a victory, was a statement to The Irons’ determination to bring down even the toughest of all monsters. They still occupy the drop zone but while the season is still a few months from its finale, West Ham still have high hopes that they could spend another season in the English top-tier football.


Swansea City

Attaining back-to-back victories in the FA Cup and Premier League, Swansea have sufficient motivation to win their next battle. They are currently seated in the mid-table, with 24 points under their belt and are seven spots clear of the relegation zone.


Swansea are relatively successful in their home games, but fighting in an away fixture is quite a different story. Of the 10 away matches they had this season, only three finished positively and two were draws. All the rest were defeats. A win in their next away combat is not necessarily a long shot, but achieving it can be very challenging.


Sports betting tip: Pitting a determined club and an inspired squad on the same ground will inevitably produce grandiose displays. Expect West Ham United and Swansea City finish their battle in an exciting stalemate.


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