Bundesliga Team Review: Werder Bremen

Updated: July 22, 2014
Werder Bremen- Aaron Hunt


Landing on the 12th spot of the Bundesliga table, Werder Bremen did a better performance last season than what it did during its 2012/2013 campaign where they finished on the 14th spot.


However, if one has to take a closer look, what Werder Bremen accomplished still fails to meet expectations. The supporters are looking for a better finished—perhaps a stint in the top 10 instead of the seemingly perennial stay at the bottom of the mid-table.
The results of Weder’s first two (2) matches were promising. But incurring three (3) consecutive losses created doubts to the club’s future. Will they retain their Bundesliga status? Or will they get stuck within the realms of mediocrity? Certainly, the squad aspired to be a top pick of supporters and football betting tips. Unfortunately, such dream hardly materialized.


Match to remember

Aaron Hunt courageous and bold refusal to take a penalty during the match against Nurnberg epitomizes fair play. Hunt admitted that he does not deserve it earned merits and plaudits. Hats off to Hunt!


Match to forget

Werder Bremen was the worst casualty of Bayern Munchen’s scoring rampage. The Bavarians trampled them with seven (7) goals. The margin was so big that even their Sporting Director, Thomas Eichin admitted that they needed three (3) goalies to stop Bayern.


The scene-stealers

Apart from symbolizing sportsmanship, Aaron Hunt was also the club’s top scorer. If anyone can find a better head turner than him, they better argue that player’s case.


Latest additions

In its never-ending efforts to rebuild the whole squad, Bremen secured the signature of Galatasaray winger, Izet Hajrovic.


Image Source: Bild