Bundesliga Preview: Bayern Munich vs. Werder Bremen

Updated: October 15, 2014

Match Date: 18 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Allianz Arena


Keen in keeping the top spot, there is very little chance for the Bavarians to experience defeat in Werder Bremen’s hands. The possibility of having a draw also looks slim considering how eager they are in defending their title. As for Werder Bremen, this spells bad news for it looks like they shall have an extended stay in the relegation zone.


The contenders

Bayern Munich

An unstoppable Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben led the humiliating thrashing of Hannover.


The dynamic duo had their share of impressive braces, which readily destroyed Hannover’s hopes of recovering. Apparently, a 4-0 win is a sign that the defending champion is back to its winning ways.


Expect a more ruthless and unforgiving Bayern Munich to appear in their next matches as news of Thiago and Franck Ribery’s return is slowly buzzing up within the realms of the Allianz Arena.


Werder Bremen

It is such a shame that Werder Bremen was unable to sustain its momentum during its clash against Freiburg.
After scoring an equalizer on the 31st minute, the squad had the chance of taking the lead, but to no avail. It could have been their first victory in the current season, but they were forced to settle for a stalemate.


Possible head turner

Werder Bremen will definitely have a hard time stopping the football betting’s key players such as Arjen Robben. The Dutch international has been impressive during their face-off against Hannover—so impressive that Hannover basically needed a miracle to stop him.



Bayern Munich 5-1 Werder Bremen


Image Source: Focus