Bundesliga Preview: Bayern Munich to defend title against Hannover 96

Updated: September 5, 2013
Bayern Munich

Most analysts and football betting experts posit Bayern Munich to still emerge champions in this season’s Bundesliga. However, defending the title is not a slice of cake, especially when squads like Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, or Hannover 96 are beefing up faculties to dethrone the reigning victors from their post. This September 14, The Bavarians will have to turn up their intensities once again as one of the three aforesaid teams will challenge them for a duel. Hannover 96 will play as the away side this time, with the match to eclipse displays at the Allianz Arena.


Bayern still reaching great heights

Bayern Munich barely shed distress when smashing high-energy goals in the German top-flight league, having started (and continued) their campaign undefeated. While they have only drawn in their most recent bout (with Freiburg 1-1), The Bavarians exuded thrilling victories in their other matches. In addition, the side have just recently been declared the UEFA Super Cup champions. It is Pep Guardiola’s first international title for his team since succeeding Jupp Heynckes as Bayern Munich boss, and is ecstatic to hunt for a Bundesliga trophy by the end of the tournament next year. They may be currently placed second in the League table, but they are positive that they will reclaim the top spot before the season folds.


Hannover 96 on the rise

Though they are not as remarkable as their opponents, Hannover 96 have been underlining personal records. Emerging from the ninth spot last season to the fourth this term, The Reds are genius at making dramatic improvements. If the side maintain or improve their standing until Bundesliga’s conclusion next year, it would be their first time to approach the top four since doing so in the 2010-11 season. Mirko Slomka’s men debuted in the tournament with a triumph over Wolfsburg 2-0, and while they failed to follow up their curtain raiser with another win (against Mönchengladbach 0-3), they were nevertheless able to leave the pitch joyous after reaping back-to-back wins over Schalke 2-1 and Mainz 4-1 in their subsequent stints.


Likely outcome

Supporters should think of this match to be a competitive spectacle, with both sides pressing early to get firm possession of the ball. However, as seen in their last three matches, Bayern will still dominate this tourney. The goal difference will nevertheless get narrower this time, as Hannover are grasping their momentum quite impressively well. Final score: 3-2.


Bayern Munich | Image source: 365dm.com