Bundesliga Match Previews: Match Week 30 (Part 2)

Updated: April 8, 2014

Hannover 96 vs. Hamburg SV

Match Date: 12April 2014 (local)

Match Venue: AWD-Arena

(Featured image: Hamburg SV | Source: dw.de)


With four straight weeks of dismal performances, not to mention two goalless results, Hannover 96 are rapidly dwindling in the league standings. From a peak position at number four, the side are now buried in the bottom half. They are at the 13th spot, their lowest position in the season so far (which they also occupied on weeks 13, 17, and 28). With a progressive decline that resulted as a consequence in the form impairment and general lack of team work, it is very plausible that Die Roten may plunge even deeper in the rankings. Tayfun Korkut has to look for better means to gain back his team’s traction in the competition; else, they might end up in the table’s dangerous borders.


Similarly, Hamburg are struggling to counteract a menacing problem at relegation. The squad suffer from chronic inconsistency and they have been in the bottom two on four occasions this season. A fifth stay in the drop zone could have occurred had they failed to thrash Leverkusen in their most recent fixture. But even though they obtained all three points, Die Rothosen’s total score remain small that it still necessitates them to bombard their next battles with effective explosives and fully free themselves from the table’s lower reaches.


Online betting tip: A draw is very likely in this brawl.



Mainz 05 vs. Werder Bremen

Match Date: 12April 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Coface Arena


The victory they obtained from Augsburg seemed to be just an interim success for Mainz 05. At its back were landslide defeats from Bayern Munich and Braunschweig; at its front was a goalless loss from Frankfurt. However, on a broad sense, the poor results can be easily overshadowed by the side’s overall form. They were winners in 13 fixtures and dropped only two points in each of the five matches that they were held in a draw. Thomas Tuchel’s men are only four points away from clinching a Europa League berth, which makes it even more vital for them to strive harder and turn their recent shortcomings around.


Werder Bremen, meanwhile, had their match against Schalke end in a draw. They may have opened the scoring via Franco Di Santo 15 minutes from time but they were not able to hold on to the lead for that long as Schalke immediately fired an equalizer just past the half-hour. Good defenses and goalkeeping from both squads discouraged the addition of more goals, hence ending the battle with them delivering only one goal apiece. The result meant that Die Werderaner could only expect for a very little change in their Bundesliga status. They remain in the bottom half (12th spot) with 33 points under their belt.


Football betting tip: This match will turn out to be a thriller, but the three points will eventually land on the hands of Mainz 05.