Bundesliga Match Preview: Werder Bremen vs. Freiburg

Updated: October 16, 2013

Match Date: 19 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Weserstadion, Bremen


Werder Bremen

At the back of Werder Bremen’s three consecutive defeats (from match weeks three to five) are one victory and two deadlocks. The inconsistent results are taking a toll on club captain Clemens Fritz’s temper, citing the dismays to be major barricades of his troupe’s ascent to the league’s top zone and ultimately, their seeding in the Champions League. They are currently ranked at number nine, which means that they have to work a little harder in order to earn more points and overtake those who are in the highest placements. It has been three seasons since Die Werderaner broke into the continental tournament, and the side are now very hungry for a renewed berth. The journey to get that opportunity, however, is proving to be extremely difficult. The side’s Bundeliga stunts appear pale when compared to those of Bayern Munchen or Borrussia Dortmund, indicative that they should push their limits so much harder to appear again in the esteemed European competition.



Eight matches have already been delivered and Freiburg are still seen to be the tournament’s underdogs. The side started their campaign at number 14, slipped to number 16 in their second appearance, and went back to number 14 in their third stint. However, since week four, Breisgau-Brasilianer have been sinking in the relegation zone. The side have four points under their belt, a relatively small number for a Bundesliga rally. The points comprise zero wins, four draws, four losses, nine goals scored, and 18 goals conceded. The upsets are a considerable decline from Christian Streich’s men in reference to last season, where they ranked fifth overall by the end of the competition.


Football betting tip: Werder Bremen and Freiburg’s last five meetings saw the former winning three of those matches, drawing in one, and losing in one. The obvious favorites might as well win this round again. With comparisons of the sides’ forms considered, Werder Bremen should finish this battle in a 2-1 home win.


Weserstadion | Image source: ground-hopping.net